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▶ 1. POSCO site application
■ Expect to generate power and secure certified emission reductions by installing a small hydropower generator in the water treatment plant in the steelworks to the water tank
▶ Current level
Investment verified by Posco technical task and considering more applications to similar places

- Project title: BS13-00344, power generation by small hydropower in cold-water treatment
water return line in Posco
- Financial effect (profit): 45m KRW / 1year
- Comments of use department : collect 300m KRW investment in 5 years and secure certified emission
reductions (3m KRW / 1year)
- Expert’s comments : possible to extend applications to similar water lines in steel mills, contributing to
energy savings in case the reserve power ratio is low
Operational performance in Posco factory : 45m KRW/1 year
▶ Construction in Busan city sewage disposal plant (SMBA R&D task)
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